Hands-On Earth Science

This is a course taught at Voyagers in the fall of 2004, for middle and high school age kids.

This course covers geology, meteorology, and astronomy. Individual classes consist of lecture and discussion time and lab time.

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Astonomy picture of the day is an excellent NASA run site. The text description has many links to follow.
Sky & Telescope has astronomy related current news and observing tips.
Scientific American covers all sciences. Be sure to check out the "Ask the experts" section.
Big Bear Solar Observatory for current images of the brightest star in our sky.
Windows to the Universe
Amethyst Galleries has very good descriptions and pictures of many minerals.
Fluorescent Mineral Society
Nature magazine all sciences news index.
Bob's Rock Shop is recommended for rockhounds.
USGS National Earthquake Information Center for what moves you.
Franklin & Sterling Hill Minerals Some minerals fluoresce under ultraviolet light!
Frank Potter's Science Gems
Chandra X-Ray Observatory
CONCAM Night Sky Live for when you just can't travel around the world for an astronomical event.
Annual Franklin & Sterling dump digs
Earth Science picture of the day
Mindat.org - The Mineral Database
SOHO - SOlar Heliospheric Observatory
Worcester Mineral Club is one of many local clubs in Massachsetts.
Boston Mineral Club is another one of many local clubs in Massachsetts.
Cassini spacecraft mission to Saturn
Mars Rover Mission
Weather.com for local weather conditions and predictions.
NuclearPlanet.com presents an interesting theory about the earth.
WebElements periodic table
Nation Data Buoy Center gives access to ocean surface conditions around the US and Europe.
Geostationary Satellite Server
WebMineral.com a good mineral reference site.
High School Earth Science: Rocks and Rock Collections has a bunch of help for getting started on learning geology
diamonds-rocks-and-minerals-all-about-mineralogy While the site in general is commercial in nature, this page has dozens of links to information about rocks, minerals, and geology from all around the web.
A Guide to Oil Shale, Coal, and Other Sedimentary Rocks While the site in general is commercial in nature, this page has some good descriptions of various sedimentary mineralizations with links for further information from all around the web.
A Paleontologist's Guide to Dental Analysis Fossilized teeth (human and animal) can teach us a lot about what it was like to live long ago.
Earth Science Guide to the Rock Cycle A simple description of how rocks evolve over time, with many links to elsewhere on the web.
Guide to Diamonds, Rocks, and Minerals A concise description of rocks and minerals (including diamonds), with links to many other sites on the web.
European Space Agency: Rosetta mission to comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko long term study and a lander.
International Space Station: Spot The Station see the largest structure we have ever put up in orbit.
Home Hobbies: Rock Collecting A beginner's guide to rock collecting, with many links to other sites on the web.
Hobby & DIY Storage - The Guide to Creating Storage for Your Hobby's Bits and Pieces Once you start collecting rocks and minerals, you need to consider storing and displaying and organizing them.
Moving With Your Hobbies: How to Safely Carry Your Collection to Your New Home Some tips on getting a collection re-homed.
What is the market price for... Over time your rock collection is worth something to you, it's also worth something to others.
The Ultimate Guide to Protecting Your DIY & Hobbies Help preserve the rock collecting hobby.
Guide to Geodes Geodes are a mineralogical bit of magic and wonder, here's some information about them.
The hardness of metals: a visual representation of Mohs scale A table of metals and their hardness as measured on the Moh's hardness scale, with some very good commentary about how it's not the only characteristic of importance.
On the Move: The Ocean, Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics History, evidence, and explanation of the theory of plate tectonics.
All About Rocks and Rock Collecting A good and diverse introduction to rocks, geology, collecting, and identifying them. Suitable as a course outline, with activities and exercises. Links to other places on the web.
A Kid's Guide to Identifying Popular Gemstones Used in Jewelry For beginners, this keeps the descriptions simple. Includes a bunch of links at the end to other sites across the web for further investigations.
Interactive Activities & Ideas for Kids to Dive into Earth Science and GeologyThis site is targeted towards children but is also worthwhile for the more adult students of us. Think of it as this page on steroids. A huge list of interactive activities, tools, virtual tours, and other learning resources, loads of links which are well summarized before you even click through. Well worth some serious browsing time.


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